Why should I choose Quikpikz when I can purchase huge resume databases from other portals?

Quikpikz intends to save your time in sourcing and screening the right candidates. So we do all that job and give you the best curated and consented profiles whom you just need to interview and select.

We want you to spend time where it matters!

How is Quikpikz different from other job portals?

Quikpikz’s approach is very personal for each position you want to fill. Instead of dumping you with thousands of resumes which you are really not sure what to do with, our algorithms and recruiters personally curate candidates who fit your requirements and present you with the best options after taking their consent.

Does Quikpikz talk to candidates before sharing the profiles with us?

Oh yes! Once we shortlist the relevant candidate profiles, we personally speak to each candidates. Once the candidate passes our check, we finally shortlist and share the profiles after taking consent from candidates.

How many profiles do I receive?

You can choose the number of profiles you wish to unlock. For each position you chose to work with us, you will receive a set of curated and consented profiles. Typically 3-7 profiles. Once you go through these profiles, you just need to confirm that they are relevant and get the profiles unlocked with all the necessary contact information. There is no limit on the number of profiles you can unlock. Additionally you can also request for more profiles to be curated and presented to you.

What if none of the candidate profiles match with my requirements?

There is a rare chance of this happening because you also review and confirm the profiles before choosing to unlock. However, if you wish to review more profiles for unlocking you can give a feedback and request for more options.

What is the process after we receive the profiles from Quikpikz?

Quikpikz helps you in curating and sharing the most relevant profiles for each position. Once you unlock profiles from Quikpikz, you can start coordinating with the candidates for the next processes in the selection.

Will any credits be deducted if I post a job and do not unlock any profiles?

No. Your credits will be deducted only after you chose to unlock profiles. However there is a considerable effort which goes in from our team as well. In the event your organisation doesn’t unlock any profiles neither gives any feedback on profiles within a specified time frame, a default number of relevant profiles will be unlocked automatically and credits will be deducted accordingly.

I am unable to get in touch with candidates after unlocking. What should I do?

We recommend you get in touch with candidates as soon as profiles are unlocked to ensure better response from candidates. However for any reasons if you are unable to establish contact with the candidates, please inform us within 24 hours of unlocking and we will help you out!

How will I be charged?

We like keeping our pricing simple, low and fair. On Quikpikz you will be charged on a subscription model (check pricing tab) which turns out to be more than 90% cheaper compared to working with a consultant. Based on the subscription you will be eligible for few credits of unlocking profiles. We call it fair because your credits will be deducted only after you like and confirm the profiles.